LawCall Rehearsal

Now, you can ask your legal questions LIVE once again.

News 12 LawCall is returning to the live question and answer format viewers have enjoyed for a decade. After nearly a year and a half of Zoom-style programs using email questions, the legal call-in show is call-in again.

“What I have missed most is talking with viewers,” says lawyer/host Vic Hawk of the Hawk Law Group. “The interaction of people with real concerns about the law is invaluable. The audience has learned so much. Many times, viewers become clients and we are so pleased to see they have taken our advice and purchased uninsured motorist coverage then doubled and tripled their settlements. If we can help them, even a little, it makes all the effort worth it.”

Because of Covid-19 concerns, the traditional format was shut down to provide safety for the people you see on TV and the people behind the scenes. Show host Neil Gordon, all the lawyers, and much of the production team have been broadcasting from their homes or CDC-compliant offices.

According to Hawk, the show may occasionally use the Zoom-style format to bring in remote guests. “We have learned a lot because of the pandemic,” says Hawk. “The program could occasionally look more like the cable news shows with guests from almost anywhere.”

The station has undergone a multi-million dollar upgrade both visually and technically during the pandemic shutdown. The show will premiere a totally redesigned set as it returns to live broadcasting to accommodate the more stylistic look of News 12.

Hawk feels that, over the years, the show has helped calm people’s fears about dealing with the law. He says, “The law is here to help people. You just need to understand how it works. That is what we try to explain every Sunday night.”

During the live Sunday broadcast, you can call the show at (844) 706-1212 starting at 11:30 p.m.

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