You have been out of work for months and now you must worry about jury duty? Not going to happen. Why? We are not going to have any jury trials in the CSRA for several months. Social distancing has changed how Georgia provides justice. It may surprise you, but it takes about 300 potential jurors to get the dozen or so citizens who will hear a case. 300? Yes, people are dismissed for a lot of reasons, and I have been known to kick off a few I thought would not be fair to my client. Another change, teleconferencing. It is the new way to practice law.
  • Judges are now holding hearings via teleconferencing. This can be especially important if you are seeking bail.
  • Lawyers are meeting with clients through ZOOM and other internet-based platforms. In fact, we are now doing this daily.
Clients ask me if we can still settle their case and get them their money despite the epidemic. The answer is yes. Recently, I held a negotiation with a mediator and an insurance company all through video conferencing. Just because we have a pandemic does not mean time limits and court orders can be ignored. If in an accident, you still need to file a lawsuit within 2 years or lose your rights to collect forever. If you are court-ordered to pay child support, you need to continue to pay or you might find yourself video conferencing with a judge for bail. Even though no jury trials in the near future, the wheels of justice keep turning. If you are hurt in an accident or suffered a wrongful death, you can talk to us at the Hawk Law Group for free. 706-444-4444. We want to help. We are working remotely mostly but are always available. Also, join us on News 12 LawCall here in Augusta every Sunday night at 11:30 right after the news. We are on tape during the COVID-19 epidemic but plan to be back live soon taking your questions.     Vic Hawk GA Personal Injury Attorney The post You, Georgia Law & COVID-19 appeared first on Hawk Law Group.

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