A nurse with 30-years of experience dropped a newborn baby boy while she was feeding him. It was around 6:00 a.m. and the nurse dozed off dropping the baby. The one-day old infant suffered a fractured skull.

The new mother says that she was told by a pediatrician that the nurse was feeding and burping her one-day old son, ‘and she was drowsy and fell asleep and dropped him’. Jacqueline Hunt says that she was not told of what had happened for more than an hour afterwards.

Baby Eli was examined and found to have a fractured skull and put into a neck brace. The baby is expected to recover from the skull fracture, but the fact remains that this baby was injured and could have died while in the care of a trusted nurse.

Certainly, the nurse at the Pennsylvania hospital did not mean to drop the baby. An investigation is ongoing as to what precisely happened. Uniontown Hospital issued an apology to the parents, who are understandably very upset.

Mrs. Hunt says, “If she was tired, she should have known professionally not to pick up this child.” She says that she and her husband are heartbroken and feel that they were lied to about the incident.

Police are investigating but say they don’t believe that criminal conduct was involved.

“We are sorry that such a wonderful event has been overshadowed by an unfortunate situation,” a hospital spokesperson said.

But, is that enough? Your newborn baby is in the care of a nurse in the hospital nursery where you trust he will be safe; but this happens. We assume that the nurse did not mean for this to happen because we all know that accidents happen.

The hospital issues at least one apology; but is that too little? Does this family have a case against the nurse and the hospital?

You be the judge.

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