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You Be The Judge

Headed to Vegas hoping to win the big jackpot? That’s exactly what Veronica Castillo had planned; well, maybe not hitting the jackpot – few people really do, but winning, just the same. And she was going to a casino in Washington, not Vegas.

And win, she did! The Portland, Oregon woman thought she had won the world when she hit an $8-million jackpot. She and her mother were playing the slot machines at Lucky Eagle Casino, and Veronica put $100 in the machine and spun the digital wheels.

Castillo says she was very excited for all of about five minutes. That’s when casino employees told her the machine had malfunctioned. She was informed that she had won a mere $80, and not the $8-million jackpot.

According to Castillo, the staff came over and told her the machine had made an error and malfunctioned. “They shut off the machine, took it away, printed out a ticket and gave me $80.” Castillo maintains that it is cheating and may even be fraudulent.

All of the machines have posted a sticker that says a malfunction of the machines voids all pays and plays. But who decides whether or not a machine has malfunctioned?

The casino says that the maker of the machine, Rocket Gaming Systems is to blame. They say that the machine Castillo was playing offers a maximum payout of only $20-thousand, and that is if a maximum bet is placed on all lines.

“The maximum jackpot that Ms. Castillo could have won based on the number of lines and credits she was betting is $6-thousand,” says a casino spokesman.

While Castillo has not yet filed suit, she is looking to hire an attorney to represent her in this case. What do you think – does she have a case?


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