When Beth Fedornak went to a Miami Marlins baseball game with her family, she did not expect to be the victim of a shark attack. But it happened, and now, two years later, she has filed suit against the Florida professional baseball team.

Marlins fans are familiar with the Great Sea Race. At the sixth-inning break of all home games, the four foam and rubber mascots parade around the ball park interacting with fans, helping to create more excitement at the family-friendly games. The four mascots include: Spike the Sea Dragon, Julio the Octopus, Angel the Stone Crab and Bob the Shark.

It was with this Bob character that Fedornak had her alleged mishap. It was a hot, sunny afternoon; the Marlins were playing the San Diego Padres, and all was going well until it came time for the Great Sea Race.

According to her lawsuit, Bob the Shark approached Fedornak and pretended to bite her head to excite the crowd of fans. Fedornak says she felt immediate pain in her neck ‘after the impact of the shark head came down on the top of her skull.

The results of the incident have allegedly caused Fedornak continuing injuries in her neck and back, some of them permanent and cost her $86,000 in medical bills. Her ability to work has also been impaired, leaving her without a reliable source of income.

Fedornak is suing the team on negligence and battery charges and seeking $15,000 in damages.

This event happened in June of 2013 – two years ago. Fedornak and her attorneys filed the lawsuit just last week. Does she have a case after waiting for two years? If she was injured so badly, why didn’t she sue the Marlins organization right away?

You be the judge.

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