The COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has turned the nation on its head. With regulations being put into place by the government and business owners alike, most people are doing their part to protect their neighbors and those most vulnerable from this dangerous disease.


There are still cases in which the proper regulations have not been put into practice, endangering workers and visitors to businesses. In these cases, it is important to have a wrongful death attorney or coronavirus malpractice lawyer you can trust.


For instance, major retailer Wal-Mart is currently being sued for wrongful death, claiming negligence and a lack of precautions put into place. Wal-Mart is considered a high-volume retailer, which means it has a high number of customers who come in each day in addition to the many workers to help those customers. As such, the retailer was expected to implement certain measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Several employees at a Wal-Mart in Illinois contracted coronavirus, and two of them lost their lives by the time the lawsuit was filed. Wal-Mart is accused of failing to protect its employees by failing to clean and sterilize the store properly, failing to promote and enforce social distancing guidelines, failing to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to employees, failing to address the health concerns of workers with COVID-19 symptoms and failing to warn other employees of workers who exhibited COVID-19 symptoms.


Nursing homes have also been at the center of scrutiny regarding wrongful deaths and COVID-19. The populations of nursing homes, care facilities and assisted living communities are generally older and at a higher risk of complications from the disease. Because of this, the owners of and workers at these facilities have a responsibility to properly care for the residents to ensure that the virus does not enter the facility, where it can spread quickly by close contact with other residents.


It is important to note the statute of limitations regarding these cases. Wrongful death claims may be filed for up to two years after the person’s death.


Navigating the world of wrongful death lawsuits can be difficult, especially when grieving and dealing with expensive medical bills. Hawk Law Group has experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy wrongful death lawyers and coronavirus malpractice lawyers who can help you get the help and compensation you deserve.


If you or your family suffer a wrongful death, you can talk to us at the Hawk Law Group for free by calling 706-444-4444. We want to help. We are working remotely and in person but are always available.


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