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A Manhattan woman never dreamed she would end up in a legal nightmare when she wrote a Yelp review about a doctor visit. Now, she finds herself in the thick of it.

Michelle Levine says she has spent almost 20-thousand dollars defending herself against the legal power of her gynecologist. “I gave an honest review of my experience to warn others, and he is trying to silence me,” she says.

Levine says this was her first visit to this particular doctor, and she says she was there for a routine checkup. Her insurance company was billed for a “new patient visit and ultrasound” to the tune of $1304.32. She was billed for more than $400 that her insurance did not cover.

However, Levine says that Dr. Joon Song didn’t even perform a pelvic exam but simply asked her some questions about her health, and then performed the ultrasound. Levine says she merely went in for a basic women’s health examination.

When she called the doctor’s office to complain about the billing, she says the office manager was aggressive with her. According to her claim, Dr. Song’s office justified the exam by stating that she had complained of pelvic pain. Levine says she made no such complaint.

Frustrated and angry, Levine went online and wrote a review of the doctor. She says her goal was to warn other women who might be considering this particular doctor for an exam. She complained in her review of a “very poor and crooked business practice” among other things.

“Everything about my one and only visit here has caused me emotional distress and panic, and now they want me to cough up an extra $500 for services I didn’t even need,” her review stated.

Two weeks later, she received notice that she was being sued by the doctor for $1-million for false postings and online harassment. Levine is fighting the lawsuit, but she’s running out of money.

What do you think? Should she continue her fight?

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