Insider threat to workplace security is a big problem, and it is growing. Presenters this week at the American Bar Association tech seminar provided some examples of private information stolen by employees.

Cited examples include a Boston law firm employee who lost a USB drive containing the medical information of 150 of the firm’s clients. And then, there were four stolen laptops containing personal information on more than 4 million patients of an Illinois healthcare provider.

According to presenters at the Techshow, IT professionals attribute a large number of these security breaches to rogue employees. There are apparently four types of employees who are most likely to steal your secrets:

-The security softy, who may not even realize they’ve done anything. They use workplace computers for personal business, or let family members use the laptop.

-The gadget geek, who comes well-armed with devices that can plug into company computers and steal information.

-The squatter, who uses IT resources inappropriately.

-And the saboteur, who will hack into restricted areas and may even infect your systems.

There are ways to help protect your business from security breaches. Encrypt all data, and make sure employees change their passwords often. The group also recommends ongoing security training for employees.

Insider threat is often neglected or overlooked, to the peril of the employer.

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