A lawyer who regularly handles motorcycle cases knows how to enhance the results of your claim. Many lawyers overlook the important initial steps necessary to get the best result.

First, a motorcycle lawyer will conduct an immediate investigation into the circumstances of the wreck to ensure the liability of the at-fault party is undisputed. Insurance companies use allegations of your negligence to dilute or deny responsibility for the wreck. The ECM of the other vehicle should be immediately downloaded and analyzed. This will give you completely objective evidence of the at-fault party’s speed, maneuvering and braking. Interviewing the witnesses near the time of the wreck will ensure the accuracy and creditability of their statements when presented to the insurance company. The investigation also will identify other potential defendants. This is important because many times the other defendants have much higher liability limits. For example, if the at-fault party was on the job or running an errand for a business, the business will have higher liability coverage limits.

Second, a motorcycle lawyer will identify all the available coverages for the at-fault party. Insurance companies do not have to disclose other or umbrella coverage unless you have made a demand in writing. In a recent motorcycle case we handled, the family delayed for months before hiring us, thinking there was only $250,000 in coverage. They believed it wasn’t worthwhile to hire a motorcycle lawyer. Within a few months, we identified $1,350,000 in coverage. We were able to do this because we followed the law and forced the disclosure.

Third, a motorcycle lawyer will identify all of your coverage. You may be able to stack coverage from your other vehicles and other policies your resident relatives own. In a recent case, a badly injured woman thought she only had $25,000 in coverage. We stacked coverage from eight junk cars in her yard to get her $225,000.00. Big difference.

Fourth, even if the coverage is insufficient to pay your medical bills, a motorcycle lawyer can help. When a case is concluded, medical bills can be reduced or waived to ensure you get compensation.  The rules are very complex, but we do it every day. We never take more in attorney fees than the client receives for the injury and the medical bills are paid and/or waived. No future credit problems.

So there are many great reasons to justify hiring a motorcycle lawyer. We are here for you at 706-444-4444.

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