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Obviously, Florida State University – and it can be argued –its star quarterback, Jameis Winston. From rape allegations to alleged autograph selling, Jameis can seemingly do no wrong.

FSU head football coach, Jimbo Fisher, continues to defend Winston, but should he be? It’s been almost a year since the rape allegations came to light. At that time, Florida state’s attorney, William Meggs determined that there was insufficient evidence to press charges against Winston.

Instead of conducting an investigation into the alleged rape months ago, as is required by federal guidelines, the university and the Tallahassee Police Department stalled and hemmed and hawed right through the end of last year’s season. Title IV law requires that universities investigate claims of sexual assault whether or not charges are filed.

FSU went on to win the National Championship, and Jameis Winston picked up the Heisman trophy. Then, this past September, when it could be no longer avoided, the school said that it would move ahead with the disciplinary hearing. This, after the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights in April opened an investigation into Florida State’s Title IV processes.

Now comes evidence that Jameis Winston has signed more than two-thousand pieces of memorabilia, which is illegal under NCAA rulesif he received any money as payment for his autograph. Winston’s autographs were authenticated by the same company linked to Georgia running back, Todd Gurley’s suspension.

And Coach Fisher continues to defend Jameis Winston, as do many Florida State fans. Unlike Georgia’s suspension of Todd Gurley, Fisher says, “I’m not concerned”, when talking about his star quarterback. He says that Winston will not miss any more games due to the ongoing sexual assault and Title IV investigations.

There is definitely a pattern of misbehavior on Winston’s part – stealing crab legs from a Publix, soda from a Burger King, shooting a BB gun at his apartment complex and jumping up on a table in the student union yelling a vulgar and demeaning phrase – something is not right.

What should be done about Jameis Winston? What do you think the school will do, if anything? How is this affecting the reputation of Florida State University?

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