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The Law in Alabama, the Virus and You

  Here, in short, is what my clients, friends, and relatives seem to want to know while we fight the coronavirus. Will my insurance company pay for my coronavirus test? Yes. A new law now requires insurance companies to pay for the tests with no cost to you. This includes services by doctors, emergency rooms and urgent care facilities to…

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Coronavirus and Your Employment

Can your employer demand that you come to work during this Coronavirus outbreak? As the virus ramps up, you may be wondering what are your rights as an employee. While the laws are not very clear-cut, the general answer is, no, your boss cannot force you to come to...

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Kirby Farris & Jessica Zorn answer your legal questions about how Covid-19 impacts you and your community. Check back regularly for updates. The county and state health departments have issued regulations limiting gatherings of more than 25 people. Is violating a health department order an actual crime or are these just guidelines? Violating a state […]

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Birmingham Police officer collision with a sedan near Forestdale, Alabama

During a vehicle pursuit near Forestdale, Alabama, a Birmingham Police officer collided with a sedan filled with two adults and three children, before continuing on to crash into into an Exxon gas station. The accident happened Saturday around 4pm on Highway 78 at the intersection of Heflin Avenue. All six people involved in the accident […]

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Natural Disaster vs. COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Empty shelves, mass hysteria, long lines, fights over products; as a Floridian, this might sound like the beginning of hurricane prep.  Here we are going to lay out what is different, what is the same, and how to prepare so you are not taken advantage of.  If you were one of the many affected by […]

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Spring forward to DST raises number of fatal crashes

Alabama residents may feel drowsy after springing forward one hour for daylight saving time. This problem is widespread, and according to a study from the University of Colorado Boulder, it even leads to an annual increase of 6% in fatal car crashes. Researchers analyzed over 730,000 car crashes that occurred between 1996 and 2017 and found a consistent rise each…

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Magic City Harvest offering trucks and services to restaurants who need help moving surplus food during COVID-19 shutdown

As our community shuts down, hunger issues do not end. Magic City Harvest is willing to help distribute food. To schedule a pick-up, contact Ann Wallace at Magic City Harvest, 205-591-3663 or ann@magiccityharvest.org Birmingham, AL— Magic City Harvest (MCH), a food recovery program serving the Greater Birmingham area for 25 years, is offering immediate assistance […]

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First Steps to Take If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s residing in a nursing home or assisted living center may become susceptible to falling, bruising, drifting into unsafe spots, or neglecting their physical limitations. But if your loved one cannot remember how they bruised their head, sustained an injury, or fractured their hip, you might contemplate if this was…

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