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The Teen and Young Adult Vaping Epidemic

Written by Attorney Calle Mendenhall In early 2019, news outlets began reporting on serious illnesses and deaths attributed to e-cigarette devices. Since then, several dozen deaths and hundreds of illnesses have come to light, and new multi-district litigation has emerged in the Northern District of California to handle injury claims as well as claims related […]

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Calle Mendenhall on the benefits of yoga for practicing lawyers

attorney Calle Mendenhall has written an article for the Alabama State Bar discussing why yoga is a great way for practicing lawyers to reduce stress and anxiety while providing a chance for an introspective workout. To read the article, titled “Why Yoga Is a Perfect Practice for Practicing Lawyers,” click here. Calle is a member […]

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If You Are the Passenger In a Car Wreck

Automobile accidents create many issues for those involved. But what if you are only a passenger in the car that has a wreck?  What are your rights, and how do you go about recovering any damages?  In the state of Alabama, there is a statute which, in theory, exists...

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