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  Join us live on Sunday, January 17, 2021. Football season is over (Roll, Tide), and it is time to return to our 30-minute legal call-in format for NBC 15 LawCall, here in Mobile, AL. As it has been for roughly a decade, the show is on at 10:30 Sunday nights, right after the local news. If you don’t get on…

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Workers’ Compensation

  Workers’ Compensation is designed to help you if you are injured on the job, but there are many issues to deal with as you consider your claim. While workers’ compensation coverage is required by law, not every employer will always follow what is required. If...

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Can I File a Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury Claim at the Same Time?

After a workplace injury, you are bound to have a lot of questions. Who’s going to pay for your medical bills? What will you do about missing work? Can you sue your coworker if they caused your injuries? You may even be considering filing for workers’ compensation at the same time as pursuing a personal…

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The Alford Plea and What It Means

  An Alford Plea is a guilty plea in a criminal court. However there is a twist. With the Alford Plea, a defendant is pleading guilty but claims his or her innocence. This is a very similar plea to Nolo Contendere, or no contest. With a no contest plea, the...

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Nursing home neglect soars amid Covid-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak was the all-consuming story of 2020, and nursing home residents were often at the center of it. Those Americans who were most susceptible to the disease were getting sick and dying at unprecedented rates. Before a vaccine was available, there was little that could be done to slow it down, other than the measures already being taken.…

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4 Legal To-Dos You Need to Do

The new year is a perfect time to look over your life and see what legal changes you may need to make. Here is my list of 4 important legal considerations. 1. Look at Your Will What has changed in the last year? A new baby? Retirement? Medical diagnoses of an adult child? Any one…

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Mistakes you need to avoid if you get into a car accident

Depending on the severity of the crash, getting into motor vehicle accidents can be life-changing for Alabama residents. You may be dealing with injuries that could affect you financially after the accident or the financial repercussions that car accidents can cause. Timing and the next steps are crucial after an accident, so the last thing you want to do is…

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Avoid That AL Trooper Ticket

  Because of less traffic but the same number of troopers on the road this Christmas and New Year’s, my prediction is you will see more tickets being given for what are considered minor infractions. So, to keep you safe and ticket free, here are some reminders of the law in Alabama. Move over. If you see an emergency vehicle…

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