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Injured on the job? Is your claim limited to workers’ compensation benefits?

       It’s no secret among lawyers in Alabama that our Workers’ Compensation Act provides very minimal benefits to workers who are injured on the job. In fact, Alabama law provides the nation’s lowest workers’ compensation benefits for amputations. Therefore, knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will always try to find another avenue to recover compensation in […]

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Brain Injuries: The Biggest Threat of Contact Sports

The term concussion refers to the mental alteration resulting from a head impact or brain injury which may also include the loss of consciousness. Concussions are hard to diagnose because symptoms are not visible until hours later when after-effects become serious resulting in brain injuries. Unfortunately, there is not yet a method to help recognize

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Public Restrooms and the Law

What if you need to use the facilities and you are refused by a local business? Can you legally be refused the use of a restroom? One South Carolina man is suing to get an answer to these questions. He says he was refused the use of restrooms at five different gas and...

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LawCall – Worker’s Comp

WVUA hosts LawCall every week on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. This week the topic will be “Workers Comp,” with our host, Bob Prince, and our guest, Steve Ford. Please email us your legal questions anytime at lawcall@wvuatv.com. Alternatively, you may visit the LawCall Tuscaloosa website to submit your questions, learn more about our hosts and […]

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Divorce Mediation: Is It for You?

Mediation is one of the most frequently used ways to negotiate a divorce settlement. Mediation is about you and your spouse and a third neutral party - the mediator. A mediator does not work for either party, but is there to guide you through the divorce process....

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Swim Safety for Your Family

It is the time of year when we begin thinking about summer fun, which includes gathering at the swimming pool with friends and family. Whether your pool is in your back yard, or a community pool, there are safety rules to follow to ensure a safe and enjoyable pastime....

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