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Injured at the Ball Park: Do You Have a Case?

Whether you are going to the local ball park to watch your son or daughter swing the bat, or you are going to watch a professional baseball team, it can be dangerous just sitting in the stands. We hear stories every year of horrible injuries suffered by spectators who...

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Amazon and the Textbook

College textbooks are very expensive, a point on which we may all agree. That is why it is cost-effective to buy used or even rent a student’s books for a semester’s classes. This is the plan that one Delaware college student had set into motion when she began her...

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Alabama, Termites and the Law

Termites are a real problem in Mobile, AL, and surrounding areas. In fact, Terminix, the pest control company, has named Mobile as the number 1 termite infested city in the country. It is easy to see why so many of…

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E-Scooters Now Legal in Alabama

Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, this week signed into law a bill that clears the way for a e-scooter comeback. It was just last year, that these scooters were removed from streets in some Alabama cities for a variety of issues - safety being one of them.  Now the state...

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5 Things to Do if You are in an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle

Trucking accidents are among the most traumatic and life-altering events that someone can be involved in. When your car collides with a semi-truck that is carrying as much as 80,000 pounds or more when fully loaded, it can result in devastating consequences. At this point, you are probably pretty shaken up, perhaps in a bit…

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Why You Should Have a Will

Talking about death is never a comfortable conversation. Whether it is your own pending death, or a loved one who is dying, it is a painful thing. There is one conversation that you should have before it comes to that - and no one knows when that time will be - that...

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Forgotten Category 5 Hurricane Still Casts Shadow on Floridians

Hurricane Michael is a storm many residents will never forget; however, the rest of Florida seems to have forgotten according to a survey released by REBUILD 850. This historic storm made landfall on October 10, 2018, and was the strongest storm to ever hit the Florida Panhandle, with wind speeds of up to 155 mph, […]

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Childcare and Claims of Negligence

Finding the right person to care for your child when you’re away requires a lot of due-diligence. But what happens when your child goes to a friend’s home and is injured, or gets into mischief? Do you have any legal recourse? For instance, your teenager goes for an...

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