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Public Art in Pensacola Flourishes with New Mural on The Zarzaur Law Building.

Across the country, cities large and small are inspired to bring life to city walls with thoughtful color and design. Local artists have been turning city walls into huge public canvases and the results of their labor can have a lasting effect on the local community. Research has shown that murals provide social, cultural and

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Car Wrecks and Insurance Companies

People are in car accidents every day. Many are minor accidents in which you may not feel you were injured other than the damage to your automobile. However, sometimes the adrenaline that accompanies such accidents can mask, for a short time anyway, minor injuries you...

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What is a deposition?

By: Jessica Zorn A deposition is a question-and-answer session when you give testimony under oath before your trial. It is your opportunity to answer questions asked by an attorney and, to some extent, tell your side of the story. Everything said in a deposition is recorded by a court reporter – so anything you say […]

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Automobile Accidents and Hiring an Attorney

Automobile accidents happen so quickly, and many times it is difficult to tell who is at fault. If one person runs a red light, for instance, and there are witnesses - that may be one of the easier calls for police. But many times, and especially if the wreck involves...

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Barking Dogs and the Law

So, you live with your family in a nice quiet neighborhood where children play together, and many families have dogs. Dogs are a part of the family, and who doesn’t love a dog? But what if your neighbor has a dog that just barks. Dogs are supposed to bark; it’s what...

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