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Taking Fido to the Dog Park? Know Your Rights

  Taking your pup to the dog park is a favorite pastime for many dog owners. It is not only a chance for your dog to interact with other canines, but also a social scene for their humans.  Dog parks have become very popular during the past ten years, however,...

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Fatal accidents surged in 2020

In Alabama and across the United States, 2020 saw fewer people on the road. At first glance, this might be expected to lead to fewer auto accidents with injuries and fatalities. However, a report says that this is not the case. Fatality statistics yield surprising results According to the National Safety Council, there was an 8% spike in auto accident…

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Can the Hospital Take My Personal Injury Money?

  Hospitals can and do sue injured patients over unpaid medical bills. Here is what might shock you. Alabama law states that a hospital or emergency room provider can put a lien on any patient’s injury case judgment or settlement. In short, that means the health care provider can force the insurance company, which is settling the case, to pay…

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You Fall. Can You Collect Under Alabama Law?

  Slip and fall is a silly-sounding name for a serious situation. These dangerous accidents can be caused by wet surfaces, uneven carpeting, insufficient lighting, loose handrails, and so much more. The injuries can result in months, if not years, of recovery. My partner, Bill Eiland, is exceptionally knowledgeable about these types of cases. Other lawyers are known to refer…

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Tips for avoiding head-on collisions

While head-on collisions are not the most common type of traffic accidents, they can cause catastrophic injuries or death. Alabama drivers can take precautions to reduce the risk of being involved in this kind of accident. Why head-on collisions happen Head-on collisions may happen because one vehicle has swerved or drifted into oncoming traffic or because one vehicle is traveling…

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Nursing Home Neglect: Know Your Rights

  If you feel you have a loved one who has been mistreated in a nursing home, you have to act fast. In the state of Alabama, if the patient dies, the claim dies with the patient. This is not true in every state, but in Alabama, you need to act fast if you feel...

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