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The weather is getting stormy, and predicted by your local weather man to be severe. Cue The Weather Channel and its intrepid cast of what we know as storm chasers. If you have ever watched the breathless and dangerous way in which they appear to operate, it will not surprise you to learn that accidents are not uncommon.

Now, the family of a Texas man is suing The Weather Channel for the death of their loved one. The suit claims that the weather giant ignored the dangerous driving record of two of its chasers, which resulted in a young man’s death.

Karen Di Piazza claims that her son, Corbin Jaeger, was killed in 2017 when storm chasers, Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall’s vehicle slammed into that of her son and he died from the injuries received in the wreck.

“Storm Wranglers” is a popular show that airs on The Weather Channel and stars Williamson and Yarnall. The lawsuit claims that the two were speeding down the highway at 70 miles per hour, chasing a storm, when they ran a stop sign and crashed into her son’s Jeep.

The pair were live-streaming the high-speed chase on Facebook when the crash occurred. The stream ends abruptly with the accident. All three, Jaeger, Williamson and Yarnall were killed on impact.

The lawsuit claims that Williamson and Yarnall had a “well-documented history of dangerous behavior behind the wheel”, and that TWC ignored and even encouraged such behavior. Allegedly, all in the name of ratings.

Di Piazza claims that in-studio anchors followed the live-stream, encouraging the duo to capture dangerous video of approaching storms. Storm chasers are known for going directly into dangerous storms to gather such video, although it is not known what real value such video provides to the general public.

Jaeger’s family is seeking $125-million in damages.

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