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Workers’ Compensation is a hard body of law. In the code, it sets out what an arm is worth, what a finger is worth, and these are some of the cases insurance companies fight more and more.

Under workers’ comp, you get three things: your medical bills paid, two-thirds of your average weekly wage, and an impairment rating.  The insurance carriers fight each and every one of these, and they also get to choose your doctor.

So if you are injured at work, report the injury to your company as soon as it happens because timing is an important thing.

The law says you have five days to report an accident, but in certain circumstances, that can be extended up to ninety days. It is better to go ahead and report the injury as soon as it happens, and the company will send you to their doctor.

After an accident, you cannot just go to your doctor and say you broke your arm at work and have him put a cast on it, and then present your medicals bills to your employer for payment. It does not work like this.

Your company should give you a list of four doctors from which to choose. If you don’t like the one they choose for you, you may choose from the list they provide.  The process has become more difficult lately because some of the doctors are refusing to see workers’ comp patients.

So you are limited in what you can do and more and more the insurance carriers are being more aggressive in attempting to preclude treatment. This means the less treatment you get, the less impairment rating, the less they have to pay you.

Some of it is by design, and some of it is red tape; it’s all designed to make it more difficult to find relief when you are injured on the job.

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