are many auto accidents in which those involved immediately know that they are
injured. For example, if you have bumps, scrapes, cuts, bruises, broken bones,
or similar types of injuries, you know right away that you need to seek medical
help. There are other instances, however, when you may not feel your injuries
until later on. This is especially common with neck and back pain.

a car crash takes place, there is a certain amount of force that is applied to
each vehicle involved. The amount of force varies depending on the speed the
vehicles are traveling at impact, the positions of the vehicles when they
collide, and other factors. This force throws vehicle occupants back and forth
in a fast, jerking motion. Oftentimes, this motion affects the neck and back.

who are involved in car accidents wonder why they don’t always feel any neck
and lower back pain right away after an accident. This is largely due to the
state you are in after the crash occurs. When you get into a car crash, suddenly,
your heart starts racing and your mind is going in a million different
directions. This creates an adrenaline rush that is not unlike what is
experienced by athletes in the middle of a game.

have probably heard stories of athletes who suffer serious injuries, even
broken bones, in the middle of a game and they continue playing. How are they
able to keep playing in the game, when later on, they can hardly even walk in
many cases? The combination of adrenaline (our body’s “fight or flight” response
to a dangerous situation) and endorphins (a “feel good” chemical that gives the
athlete a mental sense of well-being about the situation) help mask the pain,
allowing them to finish out the game.

car accident victims, the experience is obviously different from an athlete’s because
there is no pleasure linked to it, but they can still experience a similar
adrenaline rush. Because of this, it may be several hours or longer before they
start to notice neck and back pain, and pain in other areas of the body.

What is Causing my Neck & Back Pain after an Auto

you are experiencing neck and back pain after a car accident, it is often the
sign of a whiplash injury. Whiplash occurs from the rapid, jerky motion
discussed earlier, and the severity of the injury depends on factors such as
the speed of the vehicles at impact, how well you were able to “brace” yourself
for the injury (e.g., did you see the crash coming or did it take you by
surprise?), and many others.

from general and ongoing pain that affects the neck and back, some of the most
common symptoms that may point to whiplash or a related injury to these areas include:

  • Dizziness and
    blurred vision;
  • Severe headaches;
  • Limited range of
    motion in the affected areas;
  • Tingling or
    numbness in the affected areas;
  • Problems lifting
    up objects that you were previously able to lift;
  • Anxiety and trouble
    sleeping at night;
  • Problems with
    memory, focus, and concentration.

Neck and Shoulder

addition to whiplash, pain in the shoulders and neck may also be signs of a sprain,
herniated disc or spinal injury. If you experienced this type of pain, it is
important to get medical treatment as soon as possible, so they can give you a
correct diagnosis and put you on the proper treatment regimen.

Back Pain

pain, particularly in the lower back, is also a strong indication of whiplash.
However, this could point to other conditions as well; such as a sprain,
herniated disc, spinal injury, or soft tissue injury. Again, a proper diagnosis
is important so you can effectively treat your injuries and get on the road to

Experiencing Neck or Back Pain after a Car Crash? Speak with a Seasoned Mississippi Auto Accident Lawyer

you were someone close to you has suffered a neck or back injury from a motor
vehicle accident, seek immediate medical help, then contact a skilled
personal injury attorney
. If the accident was caused by another
party, you deserve to be fully compensated. An attorney can thoroughly review
your case and advise you of your legal rights and options.

a free consultation with the experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyers at
Reeves & Mestayer, PLLC, call us today at 228-374-5151 or toll free
1-855-558-2977. you may also send us a message through our online
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