There are many factors that can lead to an accident. More times than not, it is the driver’s fault some way or another-especially if they are speeding, driving while distracted, or breaking other important road laws.

There are already so many factors that lead to accidents, the last thing we need is for the road itself to pose a problem.

However, the roads in Knoxville seem to be just as big of a danger as the distracted drivers. Millertown Pike Road near Knoxville Center Mall off I-640 was widened and repaved last year, but the city still has not painted the stop lines in front of the traffic lights.

This seemingly small “mistake” is extremely dangerous and needs to be corrected immediately. A vehicle could unknowingly pull up too far into the intersection and get hit by a car approaching the green light.

Not only do the missing lines create an issue for drivers, there are also issues with drivers not knowing what lanes they should be in. This is clearly a major issue that could easily result in a serious car accident. And to make matters worse, the widening of the roads altered the turn lanes which has changed the traffic signal patterns.

Millertown Pike Road is an accident waiting to happen (literally).

If you find yourself in an area that has unpainted or poorly constructed roads, take necessary precautions to avoid an accident.

Do you need a Birmingham Car Accident Attorney? 

Driver’s still have the responsibility to drive safely, even if an unpainted or poorly constructed road causes confusion. However, if you or a loved one has been injured by poorly painted or constructed roads, do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Farris, Riley and Pitt for a free and confidential consultation.


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