In November of 2019, our firm partnered with Injury Board and Lewis & Feldman to donate smart kits to UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center patients. Our goal was to create kits for patients who suffered catastrophic injuries to help them return to as normal a life as possible through the use of voice or remote activated technology. Today, UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center shared with us how the smart kits are benefiting their patients:

Meet Ceairra: She suffered a C6 complete spinal cord injury due to a car accident. After hard work and with the help of the amazing staff at UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center, she made great progress and is now able to drive a power chair, feed herself, groom herself, dress her upper body and use technology. Ceairra’s mom will be her primary caregiver, but she is eager to be as independent as possible.

Jenny Agricola with UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center shared her experience when selecting Ceairra and other patients for one of the smart kits: “I knew she would truly benefit from using the items in the smart kits. Her and her mom were thrilled since they had been looking at purchasing several of these items when funds were available.  I was able to do a demo with them both on setting up and using the devices, and with the great videos you created, I know they will be able to get everything set up at home. Thank you for this wonderful donation; they are truly life changing for so many patients.”

Ceairra has come such a long way during her rehab program. We are gratified to have been a part of her recovery process. The devices in her smart kit will help her with some of the things we take for granted in our day-to-day lives, such as turning on/off the lights or television, answering the phone, playing music or even finding out the day’s news or weather.

To learn more about the Injury Board Smart Kits Initiative, visit our community involvement page.

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