If you’re involved in an accident, sometimes the police will not come out and make an accident report. Police may be too busy, or there are no injuries, or the accident happened on private property. There are any number of reasons why police may not respond to an automobile accident.

If police don’t show up to the scene of an accident, it is still very important that you write your own accident report.

First write a description of what happened. You can take pictures of the vehicles with your cell phone, and it is also important to take video of the scene. Get the names, contact information and insurance information from the other driver.

You’ll also want to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses who could potentially testify on your behalf should your case go to trial. It is very important to gather this information at the scene because you probably won’t be able to find them later.

All of this information will help you down the road if, in fact, you are to litigate your claim. Especially if there are questions about who is at fault, or what injuries were caused by the wreck.

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