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Two Florida teens wound up on the wrong end of a gun while chasing two of the Pokémon monsters. The 19 and 16-year olds had at least parked their car before searching, but it was 1:30 in the morning. They parked in front of a man’s house; he thought there was trouble brewing after hearing a loud noise, and grabbed his gun before going out to confront the teens.

The man says that as he approached the car, he heard one of the teens ask the other one if he got anything. The man assumed that the teens had broken into his home, so he stepped in front of their car, pointed his gun at the two and told them not to move.

At this point, the car lurched forward and the man fired shots, but the two boys got away and there was apparently no sign of the vehicle anywhere.

The 19-year old, who was probably scared to death, told his mother about what had happened the previous night. To her credit, mom called the local police and reported that someone had tried to shoot her son while he was playing Pokémon Go.

The boys only decided to tell an adult after they found bullet holes in the rear part of the car. The teens told police that they heard gunfire after one of them asked the other, “Did you catch him?”

It almost sounds like a comedy of errors; however, it could have turned deadly very quickly. This is just one of many stories illuminating the dangers that this game poses. This case remains under investigation.

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