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“People need to be aware of what is being given to their children,” says Caroline Steinbrecher, “they trust doctors and they trust pharmacists to…keep their children safe.” Caroline’s 8-year old son, Jake, is dead after the pharmacy admitted to making a mistake in mixing his medication.

Jake was being treated for ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He had been taking the medication, Clonodine, for the past three years to help treat his hyperactivity. During that time, his mother says there had been no problems with the medication. But that all changed after a refill last fall.

Steinbrecher says that her son had an immediate adverse reaction to the medication in the new refill. Jake was rushed to the local hospital where doctors found that the child’s brain was swelling. Among the many tests performed on him, the doctors tested the amount of Clonodine in his system. What they found was alarming.

Jake had 1-thousand times the amount that had been prescribed. He had been given 30mg of the drug instead of .03mg of the Clonodine. Jake eventually recovered from the initial overdose and returned to normal activities, including going to school.

But on June 8, 2016, the little boy again became very ill; he was again hospitalized. This time, Jake died.

Caroline Steinbrecher and her attorney say that the pharmacy, Good Day Pharmacy in Loveland, Colorado has admitted responsibility for the overdose of Clonodine. She is calling for stronger checks and balances in the pharmaceutical industry.

“How was there no other way to make sure the medicine was mixed correctly before it was out the door other than the say-so of the pharmacist who made it?” asks Steinbrecher.

The pharmacist who mixed the medication is apparently still licensed and continues to work at Good Day Pharmacy.

No amount of money will bring back little Jake, but his mother is hoping that his death will bring about stronger regulations to the pharmaceutical industry.

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