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“Pretend to be a queen with oatmeal dripping down your face,” is what Bill Cosby instructed her to do says a former model who is now joining the long list of accusers who say that the famous comedian raped them.

The former model, known only as Patricia, is accusing Cosby of drugging and raping her on at least two occasions nearly 40-years ago.  She is one of more than a dozen women who testified anonymously against Bill Cosby in a 2005 lawsuit brought by a former Temple women’s basketball star. Andrea Constand, who also works at Temple University, is one of the first people to have called out Cosby for his alleged criminal actions.

The lawsuit was settled in 2006 for an undisclosed amount. Patricia claims that his accusers were then effectively “silenced” as part of that agreement.

Patricia, who is now 58-years old and living in California, says that one night in 1978 Mr. Cosby invited her to his home for some acting lessons and a dinner party. At the time, she was working as a conference planner for the University of Massachusetts, which is where she met the 77-year old award-winning comedian.

She says she thought that Mrs. Cosby would also be at dinner, but when she arrived at his Massachusetts home, the table was set for two and according to Patricia, it was an intimate setting. She says, “I felt alarm bells go off because it did feel intimate, but I was trying to be so grownup and mature.”

This is when he allegedly asked her to be a queen with oatmeal dripping down her face. She says some time later she woke up in Cosby’s bed naked, and he was standing over her in a robe.

Patricia has become the seventh Jane Doe to speak out against Cosby. But there are more than thirty who have made allegations. Cosby’s attorneys say the allegations are all false, and that the women are lying.

What do you think? Is Bill Cosby, once the face of Jello Pudding, a Dr. Huxtable and Mr. Hyde? There is so much smoke in this case; surely the fire under his feet must be getting really hot.

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