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It is amazing the number of people you may pass on the roads on any given day who you’ll see looking down at their mobile phones; many of them are texting. It is quite frightening to think that you could be the victim of one of these texters.

In Uvalde County, Texas this month a 20-year old killed 13 people when the truck he was driving crashed into a church bus carrying the senior citizens. Jack Dillon Young admitted to police at the scene that he had been texting when the accident happened.

According to a witness who was recording the incident while calling authorities, Young’s white, Dodge pickup truck was swerving across the highway nearly causing several accidents before finally crashing into the bus. Jody Kuchler says that, “He kept going off the road and into incoming traffic.”

Kuchler claims he had trouble getting authorities to help as the reckless driving continued. He said that authorities in neighboring Real County had declined to send help because the truck, which was approaching Real County, was still in Uvalde County.

A frustrated Kuchler can be heard on the 911 call saying, “We’re talking about safety. Somebody needs to get this guy off the road. He’s all over the road.” The head-on collision occurred moments later.

The needless accident resulted in the deaths of the bus driver and 11 of his passengers at the scene; another person died later at the hospital. Kuchler talked with Young while he was still pinned in the truck, and he says that Young was apologizing and admitting that he had been texting.

Federal investigators would not comment on the accident except to say that distracted driving will be part of the investigation.

The church group was on its way to a three day choir retreat when the crash happened.

When you see someone texting and driving, what do you do? There should be an easy way to report irresponsible drivers.

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