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Summertime means more outdoor activities, and boats are on the water. But if you have an accident, or wreck, on your boat, is it handled the same way as a car wreck by your insurance company?

These types of accidents happen more often than we may think. It is important before you take to the water to know the rules and laws of driving a boat. Just like you must follow rules of the road when driving a car, so you must also follow the laws when driving a boat.

The two types of accidents are handled similarly by insurance companies. There is insurance to cover the negligent party, and there will be an investigation by your insurance provider. If you violate a rule of the water and hit another boat causing damage, then your insurance will cover that.

Unfortunately, alcohol is involved in many on-the-water accidents, and punitive damages come into play in these cases. These days, a lot of insurance companies are writing off punitive damages, and so you’ll find yourself without coverage should alcohol be determined a cause of the accident. The injured party may sue you, but your insurance company will not cover your costs.

There are also more slip-and-fall accidents in the summertime, particularly around pool areas. But what can you do if you are the victim of such an accident?

For instance, if a sprinkler is making an area wet, you most likely will not have a case because the sprinkler is visible. You must prove that there was a dangerous or hazardous condition that the owner of the propertyknew about, or should have known about and should have warned you or repaired the potential danger.

A big question for a jury will be, if you were paying attention to where you were going, would a reasonable person have injured themselves on that particular hazard?

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