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A New Jersey dental assistant has filed a $5 million lawsuit against a New York hotel after another guest stabbed her in the leg with a stiletto heel. Amanda Keisoglu, aged 26, is also suing the woman who allegedly stabbed her, whom she did not know.

Keisoglu and a group of friends were attending her cousin’s bachelorette party at the Gansevoort Hotel’s rooftop bar, Plunge, when a drunken tourist from Belgium pulled her into a fight. The tourist, Marie Thys, had been drinking throughout the evening, and she had been quite belligerent according to other witnesses at the bar.

Keisoglu says she didn’t know the woman at all, but that didn’t stop Thys from pulling her wrist and involving her in the bar fight. She says when her wrist was pulled by Thys, it forced her to turn around, and when she did, Thys kicked her in the thigh with her high-heeled shoe.

The stiletto went deep into Keisoglu’s thigh, which is where it stayed until a friend pulled Thys off of her. Her leg began spurting blood and she says she plugged it with her own finger. She was rushed to the hospital where she stayed for three to four days because the wound was too deep to be stitched.

Keisoglu says she’s suing the hotel because even though Thys was visibly intoxicated for several hours before the fight began, the bartenders at Plunge kept serving her drinks. In her lawsuit, she says that Thys was ‘belligerent and violent against other patrons for some time before the attack.’

The incident happened this summer, and Keisoglu is still undergoing physical therapy for the injury.

So, who is responsible for the attack? Should the hotel be held liable because its bar continued to serve an intoxicated patron? Amanda Keisoglu thinks so.

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