CarAccidents & the Law
A vehicle accident may affect your life in many ways, particularly if it is more than a fender- bender. It may leave you unable to work and provide for your family; it may mean years of medical treatment. If you are in an accident, one of the first things you should do is talk with a personal injury attorney.

One question that is always top of mind is: how long will it take to get a settlement or to get a court date in my personal injury case?

It is usually a lengthy process, but it also depends, in large part, you deal with your injuries.
For instance, one client who was in a car accident underwent conservative treatment formally for two or three years before finally seeing a specialist. It was ultimately determined that she had three injuries.

The law firm couldn’t really evaluate her case until they knew the full extent of her injuries, which did not happen until she finally saw the specialist. So her case lingered for several years. She wanted to settle, but the firm knew she had a sound case that was just going to take time. They finally were able to resolve her case for more than a million dollars.

One thing you should not do is rush to treatment. That is something we see on TV with all the advertising that makes personal injury cases, and getting your money, sound nice and easy. It is anything but nice or easy.

If it is a minor injury, that’s one thing. But if it is a major injury, like a spine injury, the last thing you want to do is settle your case. Once it’s done; it’s done. You can’t go back should you need another back surgery. You only get one bite at the apple.

First and foremost, consult an attorneys to answer your questions about personal injury cases. These cases are difficult, and you’ll want a good law firm on your side.

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