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Amazingly, the FDA’s Cosmetic Act has not been reviewed or updated since 1938! Wow! That’s a really long time considering that many of the products we use are filled with chemicals.

Now, two senators have cosponsored a bill that would require that the Cosmetic Act be updated. From sunscreen to mascara to shampoo and makeup – at least 5 suspect ingredients have been identified that are dangerous to our health.

If the bill becomes law, the FDA would review these products for safety just as they have recently done after the Wen Hair Care situation in which customers reported rashes and hair loss after using the products. The FDA issued a warning about the company’s cleansing conditioner.

This debate has also ignited a much larger discussion about the beauty industry as a whole, prompting the proposed legislation that could tighten up FDA oversight of certain products and their ingredients.

Among those to be scrutinized are the chemicals formaldehyde and lead, which are commonly found in products from Vaseline, Coppertone, Neutrogena, CoverGirl and many more. These brands are available at many retailers in the country.

The debate started after the EU banned more than 13-hundred chemicals from personal care products; the United States has banned only 11 ingredients, by comparison.

The first five ingredients to be looked at include:

  • Methylene glycol found in some hair-smoothing treatments
  • Propyl paraben, which has been linked to hormone disruption
  • Lead acetate, which has been linked to cancer and reproductive disorders, among other things
  • Diazolidinyl urea that releases formaldehyde and is linked to allergic reactions and organ toxicity
  • Quaternium-15 also linked to organ toxicity

These chemicals are found in baby lotions, Maybelline mascara, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and many other very commonly used products.

The new law would allow the FDA to test cosmetics’ ingredients and issue mandatory recalls for products found to have toxins.

Will this information change the way you shop for personal care and beauty items for yourself and your family?

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