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If you’ve been injured by another person, or a physician or hospital or if your property has received damage – should you handle the case yourself? Probably not; even a case that looks simple is most likely going to be complicated.

One big mistake that people make when trying to handle it on their own is sometimes complicated by ads and billboards. When you see the ads that say, “In a wreck – get a check”, it sounds like it’s going to happen quickly and easily, and it’s not.

If you’re injured through the negligence of another person, then you have the right to monetary compensation. However, a case cannot be settled until you assess damages and injuries. You must have this information before you can determine the amount of money needed to make you whole. This doesn’t happen overnight; it is a lengthy process.

One of the main things is giving the case enough time to see what your maximum medical improvement will be. Once you accept a settlement from an insurance company, it’s done. If you have further medical issues related to the main injury – you’re just out of luck. You only get one bite at the apple.

Another thing you have to consider: was there fault on the injured party’s part? If so, that diminishes the value of your claim.

Many times law firms in some of these ads are taking cases and flipping them. That means that a lawyer may never even look at your case; a paralegal or secretary with limited training may handle it. The main goal is to settle as quickly as they can. This is not what you want if you’re the plaintiff in the case.

If you’ve been injured and need some legal advice – don’t try to handle it yourself. Consult our Online Legal Directory to find an attorney in your area.

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