It is certainly annoying to walk into your front yard to pick up the newspaper (they still deliver those, don’t they?) and find a big pile of dog poo. How dare someone let their Fido potty in your front yard and not clean it up.

Of course, most pet owners pick up after their dogs, and the doggy-poo bag has become ubiquitous. However, from time to time, you will see someone let a dog relieve itself, and then just walk on, leaving the excrement on the pavement. Or worse yet, on your property.

Now, a Delaware County apartment complex has had enough. The Governor Sproul Apartments in Marple Township is swabbing dogs for DNA. Well, the complex isn’t doing the swabbing – they’re actually asking all pet owners to get DNA from their dogs.

The Pennsylvania complex says they will build a database of all dogs living in the complex, and then use that to determine the culprits. They will even send offending samples found on the grounds for analysis.

There is actually a lab called Poo Prints. The company, which describes itself as “a proven dog-poop management service” enters each dog’s DNA into the DNA World Pet Registry DNA database. They are then able to provide analysis on samples sent to them.

Then, if you’re  the “lucky” finder of an unscooped pile of poo,  maintenance workers will scrape a sample and mail it to Poo Prints where an analysis will be done. If the lab gets a match, the offending dog owner will be fined $250.

As for how the apartment complex is guaranteeing compliance among its tenants – it is a part of your lease agreement if you live there. Tenants must swab their dogs, and management says they are currently at 75% compliance.

Would you agree to swab your dog, or is this a little too Orwellian?

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