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If you’ve been in an accident, for instance, and the insurance company mails you a nice check – should you sign it immediately? Not without talking to your attorney first.

Most insurance companies are trained to get the claim adjusted as quickly as is possible. This may not necessarily be a good thing for you depending upon your type of claim.

For instance, some injuries and damages aren’t immediately apparent. You won’t know about them until you see a doctor, or until you get an estimate on the hail damage to your roof. The check the insurance company sends you may not cover the amount it will cost to get your car fixed.

So, it’s best not to immediately sign off on the settlement from the insurance company. If the insurance carrier sends you something fairly quickly, pause and figure out what exactly is the nature of the injury or damages – and speak with an attorney if you have questions.

There is no going back. If you have outstanding bills that you haven’t claimed, you’re out of luck once you sign off on the claim. Once you exchange money and sign the claim – it is considered closed.

Protecting Rights in Criminal Cases

The main thing you want to do in a criminal law situation is to exercise your rights; do not talk to the police. Invoke your rights and tell police that you want to speak with an attorney. Don’t say anything until you have spoken with the attorney.

Talking to police without the presence of an attorney, or admitting any kind of guilt, can set you up for failure in a courtroom. Be wary of talking about your case on social media because law enforcement is now using Facebook and Instagram to help them solve cases.

If you need to speak with an attorney to help you figure out what your rights are, visit our online Legal Directory for legal help in your area.

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