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We have all heard doctors complaining that patients come in armed with info from the internet. Now, personal injury lawyers are beginning to see that too. It may be painful to have clients think they are better lawyers than you are … but it also provides a marketing plus.

If you provide information about specific injuries, you may be the first lawyer they encounter. Here is a marketing truth: people tend to go to the people they know. In the days before lawyer marketing, word of mouth was the key to a successful legal practice. It still is. If a potential client reads your article, that is a positive word of mouth endorsement. Plus if you write it correctly, they now feel like they know you.

We recently wrote a blog for one of our legal clients explaining what to do if hurt on private property … actually it was a Christmas blog on what to do if hurt in a mall parking lot. The attorney then got a client who was hurt in a mall parking lot. Coincidence? No. The future client looked up information on what to do. She found it on the lawyer’s website.

Major Marketing Take Away: First contact is best.

Simple and Cheap Solution: What do your hurt clients, or their family members, want to know right after an injury? Write that article and at least put it on your website.

Now, it doesn’t hurt to cultivate your social media fan club.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Let clients from past successful cases know your blog offers good useable information.
  • Encourage your readers to invite their friends.
  • Work the social clubs, churches and other place where people gather to link to you.
  • Spend a few dollars to boost your message to new potential clients.

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