Holiday Travel

Are you putting as much effort into getting clients in 2019, as getting the family to grandma’s house this Christmas?

Let me tell you the number one thing lawyers do in failing to plan for getting new clients. They decide to produce a commercial or design a billboard before they know what they want to say.

You actually need four different plans to increase next year’s revenue. Think of them as the steps you take in getting over the river and through the woods this holiday.

  • Where are we? This is the Business Analysis Plan. You have to know where you are to go forward. If not, you may go forward . . . off a cliff.
  • Where we want to go. This is the Marketing Plan. What are our goals? Let’s spend the holiday with Aunt Sally or spend it in Cancun are two different things.
  • How do we get there? This is the Creative Plan. Our logo, message, ads all need to support the goals. Think of it as — do we fly or drive? What is best?
  • How the money is spent. This is the Media Plan. This is deciding what medium (TV, web, social media, etc.) is best to get the message out. On your trip, this is what you buy to enhance the experience —  a speedo or ear muffs?

Major Marketing Take Away: Don’t jump ahead in the planning process. Don’t commit to doing doing TV without first deciding if that medium is the best for your message.

Simple and Cheap Solution: Look at your competition. Write down what are their strengths and weaknesses. Then, do the same for your firm. What would make potential clients choose you over your competition?

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