Attorney makes TV appearance on local TV station

January and February are the best times of the year to get your face on TV for free.

The reason is simple: less news is happening but the TV stations still have to fill 3 hours of morning news even if the Dog Ball or Barbershop Quartet Convention is not happening.

The easiest approach is to call or email the producer of a specific show or the assignment editor of a local news station. Make your pitch easy to understand and be prepared to email any possible graphics, screen information and some background info on the topic. Be sure to include your contact info (if not they could take the info and give it to some other lawyer).

Here are some effective pitches for this time of year:

  • Changes in the law
  • First of the year “must do” lists (wills, nursing home)
  • Preparing for the unexpected/natural disaster (dealing with homeowner’s insurance)

And topics sort-of in the news:

  • In a wreck with an illegal immigrant
  • Is an engagement ring a gift? (especially good around Valentine’s Day)
  • What really happens if you don’t pay your taxes?

Major Marketing Take Away: TV establishes you as an expert. Clients like to go to the best.

Simple and Cheap Solution: Just pick up the phone and offer yourself. You will be surprised how thankful the understaffed news department is to have you and your information.

Now don’t let that one-time appearance go unpublicized. Many stations want you to share your appearance especially if they provide clips on their website. At the very least, ask someone to take your picture on the set or with the TV station personality and put that on social media. It should also have a home on your firm’s website.

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