It is time to walk, talk and get new business. If you’re not using the right social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

A recent study shows that roughly 3 out of 4 Americans use YouTube and 2 out of 3 use Facebook. If you are not on these two platforms, it is like marketing to your grandmother – but granny would have hired you anyway. Just so you know, the other platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp) are being used by only roughly a third to a fifth of all the people out there.

Social Media Use in 2018 Pew Research Center

Major Marketing Take Away: Video is dominating client outreach. You must be seen and heard.

Simple and Cheap Solution: Don’t have the cash for a video production crew? Use your cell phone. Though big, fancy production is nice, a simple head shot (your head talking) lets you speak one-to-one to your potential client. It is like getting them in the office for a few seconds.

Once you have the video, use it. Place it on social media and on your website. A recent study showed that video on the first page of your firm’s website strongly increases the amount of time potential clients stay on your site.

Now I suggest, you promote the video. Even a Hollywood movie needs a little push. For just a few dollars, you can “boost” your videos and reach an audience that doesn’t already know who you are. Your boosted posts will appear in the feeds of potential clients. Not only can you target your audience geographically, but you can even use demographics, interests and behaviors to make sure you reach your prospects

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