LawCall – The Show

  • It is a weekly news/information show on a local TV station
  • It is NOT an infomercial
  • LawCall is unique promotion your competition can’t match


Your Firm is the Host:

LawCall is a live, weekly (52 weeks a year), thirty-minute call-in show hosted by a T.V. Anchor and an attorney from the hosting firm. Guest attorneys from across the viewing area are invited to participate each week.

A member of the hosting firm also can tape a weekly “Legal Brief” aired during the show. The “Legal Briefs” are designed to give visibility within the show to a second person in the firm and to provide viewers with legal information they can use in their daily lives. Additionally, six months into the run of the show, another person from the firm can be added to take e-mail questions on-air during the show.

Local News/Information Program:

The show is a product of an over-the-air broadcaster. We deal only with ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX networks for LawCall.

The project is designed to carry one law firm as the exclusive partner. The hosting firm pays an underwriting fee to assist the T.V. station with the expenses incurred through the production of this Public Service program.