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Doing good is good for business – if you play it right.

Many lawyers confuse event marketing with charity work. I am all for you sending your money to help foreign students learn, getting medical aid to storm ravaged countries and helping your church expand into (file in any country here). However, that money is probably charity work and will do nothing to get you more business. If you are a little more selective, you can use your personal money and the law firm’s money to help everyone.

If you are a personal injury firm, which events are charity, and which are event marketing meant to help my business?

  • Red Cross Gala
  • Debutante Ball
  • Doughnuts to EMT workers
  • Ad in local football program
  • Sponsorship of local theatre production of “Cats”

Circumstances may vary, but generally you are not getting much business from the Debutante Ball or your sponsorship of “Cats”. You can get referrals from EMT workers, sports enthusiasts and even the Red Cross high society (having a doctor recommend you is like the motherload).

The real problem: Lawyers can spend thousands of dollars (sometimes hundreds of thousands) on events and event promotion and later say they see no return. Let me argue strongly that they are selecting the wrong events.

I know of a lawyer who spent a great deal of money to sponsor a charity golf event. The event was a huge success, but he got no business. I suggest his clients did not play in the event and the lawyers who did kept any business for themselves.

Major marketing theme: People go to whom they know. So, get known by people who can help you.

Low Cost Tactic: Spend your time or spend your money. If money is tight, go visit the people who come in contact with your potential clients – health workers, ambulance drivers, fire fighters, police officers. This way you have a better chance of being mentioned by an opinion leader to the people who need you. Now don’t hide your good works. Advance your sponsorship or support of a project on social media, put it on your website especially if you can do it on the first page and speak up about it at social organizations like Rotary. These things will double and triple your investment.

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