3rd Party Review sites for lawyers

Get better results with online marketing by going where your clients are most likely to be. As our real estate friends have preached: location, location, location.

Geofencing is when you use a virtual perimeter or fence around a specific location to communicate with an online audience. For example if you want car wreck victims, you could geofence the emergency room at the local hospital.

Here is what you need to know: 80% of all searchers only click on one of the top three names. If you are not one of them, you are probably losing business … a lot of business.

Your highly educated friends will say they never click on paid listings. They are not the normal consumer. Plus, one third of your potential clients are looking for you on their phone. They do not want to scroll down too far.

Now, the big firms are spending a lot of money to grab “Best Lawyers” and “Car Wreck Attorney” and the only way to fight the big budgets is to zig when they zag. Let location help you cut the cost.

Here is the trick:  buy a cheaper word or phrase; say “car repair” or “lawyer,” and let the location do the work.  “Lawyer” is cheaper because it could be any kind of lawyer, but who else is some family member sitting for hours in the emergency room going to want … an intellectual property guy?

Major Marketing Take Away: Go to the potential clients. Don’t make them come to you.

Simple and Cheap Solution: The emergency room getting too costly? Geofence other locations like chiropractic offices or body shops.

As the technique gains more popularity, you can expect the cost to rise.So, jump in now. We know of at least one case where “Best lawyer in (insert city)” has gone up by 2000 percent.

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