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It’s the day after Thanksgiving and half the family is gathered around the TV to watch football and enjoy leftovers. A few others left the house early to hit the Black Friday sales, but you, your daughter and her best friend decide to go to the theatre to catch a movie.

You buy the tickets and all three of you make your way to concessions for popcorn and a big soda. The theatre is very crowded with others who have had the same idea.

When the film is over, you and everyone else head for the exit; it’s a huge crowd trying to leave the theatre. About ten minutes earlier, an employee had mopped up a spilled drink on the tile floor just in front of the concession where you’re about to step on your way out. A CAUTION sign had also been placed over the mopped area. However, the sign had collapsed and as you stepped over it your heel got caught.

The next thing you know, you’re on the floor and your arm is in a lot of pain. The manager insists on sending you to the hospital in an ambulance; in the emergency room they tell you that you have broken your arm in three places. You leave in a cast with a prescription for pain medication.

A similar thing happened to a Georgia woman, and she and her husband decided to sue the theatre for pain and suffering.

Do you think they have a case?

In that case, it took three courts four years to make a decision. Eventually, a Georgia appeals court sided with the couple and ordered a jury trial. The case went to trial in Clayton County before the same judge who had originally reviewed the case four years earlier.

After deliberating for only 30-minutes, the jury found in favor of the theatre, and ruled that the woman would not receive any compensation.

What do you think?

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