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First-time mother, Hannah McKinney, of Georgia did everything that most new mothers do – she read all of the books, took the classes and thought she had acquired everything her new baby could possibly need. What she did not anticipate was something that was supposed to comfort her new baby girl would almost kill her.

Now, McKinney has a warning for other new parents after her 2-month old infant was thrown into the back of a van during an accident despite having been securely tucked into her car seat.  Little Robin is lucky to be alive after the accident that caused the van in which she was a passenger to flip, twice.

McKinney says she bought the sheepskin seat belt covers for the car seat after reading that they were supposed to be more comfortable for the baby. You are all probably familiar with them as many people attempt to make a baby as comfortable as possible, especially when traveling.

The crash was certainly a scary moment, but thankfully, baby Robin is alright except for a hairline fracture on her arm. Hannah took to Facebook to warn other parents against using the sheepskin covers. She says that after the accident, the car seat was still securely buckled in as were the restraints, but she believes her daughter slipped out because of the sheepskin.

“Please, please do not put things on a car seat that did not come that way from the manufacturer,” McKinney pleaded in her post. She says that she and her husband had to learn the hard way and are thankful that their baby is okay.

Child safety specialist, Johanna Martinez, says people think that because they’re being told to use them that they are safe. She advises that parents should never add anything to a car seat that did not come with it. The expert also warns that you should never put your baby into a car seat while wearing anything bulky because it could cause the same result.

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