When Jeremy and Kristy Morris wanted to purchase a home in West Hayden Estates, they ran into trouble. It was not just any trouble; they were allegedly being discriminated against because of their religion.

A letter they received from the Homeowners’ Association stated the HOA’s preference to sell the home to a non-religious family. The Morris family is known for their five-day holiday extravaganza celebrating Christ’s birth and including a live nativity, and even Santa himself.

The extravaganza draws in thousands of people each year where they raise money for children with cancer, as well as those who have been abused and neglected. But certain members of their neighborhood wanted no part of it.

An Idaho newspaper got its hands on a letter that was meant for the Mr. & Mrs. Morris.  Here is a part of that letter:

We do not wish to become entwined in any expensive litigation to enforce long-standing rules and regulations and fill our neighborhood with the riff-raff you seemed to attract over by Walmart. We don’t allow those kind in our neighborhood.

It is just possible that the HOA has a point; however, they threatened not to sell the home to the Morris’s family unless they agreed to cancel the Christmas show.

But, Jeremy Morris didn’t do things halfway. He always paid for shuttle service to the show, and he provided food and drink – all at no charge to the attendees. He also paid out-of-pocket for $2-million of insurance to cover any unforeseen events.

In a sworn document, Angie Cox, who lived next door to the Morris family stated that neighbors threatened attendees, threw rocks at them, kicked cars and yelled profanities at them.

When he had had enough, Jeremy Morris sued the HOA for religious discrimination. The court sided with Jeremy and awarded the family $75-thousand. The HOA has appealed, and that is where it all stands today.

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