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Where There is Smoke – a Lawsuit?

Many mid-size American cities have been restoring their downtown areas back to life. For years, retail establishments have been relocating to malls and other shopping areas away from downtown locales. Buildings sat empty until cities began turning them into...

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Family Sues Walgreen’s Pharmacy: Do They Have a Case?

19-year old Yarushka Rivera had an epileptic seizure that killed her. Now, her family is suing Walgreen’s Pharmacy for failing to get her the medication she was prescribed to help lessen the seizures. The Riveras are suing Walgreens for the wrongful death of their...

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Mom Sues School Bus Company: Does She Have a Case?

It is the end of another long school day, and you’re awaiting the arrival of your 5-year old to tell you all about it. But what is your reaction if she doesn’t get off of the bus when you go to meet her? Such is the case for a New York woman who is now suing the bus...

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