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Injured on the Job? Some Things You Should Know

  Getting injured while on the job happens to people every day. Whether it is a major injury or something of a lesser nature, there are things you should do to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injury.  Keep in mind, there are deadlines set in...

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How to Recover Damages if You are a Passenger

  Automobile accidents happen, but you are not always the one driving. So, what do you do if you’re injured in an accident in which you were the passenger? How do you make a claim to recover damages for your injuries?  In the state of Alabama, there is a statute...

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Holiday Safety

  The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and that means a lot of outdoor activities as we celebrate. Top of mind is safety around the water. Whether it is your backyard pool or your lakeside cottage - here are some things to keep you and yours safe. The sad fact is...

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