Motorcycle Accidents and the Law

  Spring is here, and many people are out enjoying the weather on motorcycles. Whether you enjoy cycling as sport or as a main mode of transportation, there are some things you should know in case of an accident. Motorcycle accidents touch on many areas of the...

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Do You Have a Claim?

  How do you know when you may have a Workers’ Compensation Claim? It can be confusing and a bit daunting especially while dealing with an injury.  Workers’ Compensation is designed to help you if you are injured on the job, but there are many issues to deal with...

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Minor Car Accidents and Your Rights

If you are in a minor car accident, how do you know whether you should seek medical help?  Many car accidents are considered minor, and you may not feel you were injured other than the damage to your automobile. However, sometimes the adrenaline that accompanies such...

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Driving Under the Influence: Know Your Rights

  There are basically three tests you may be asked to complete if you’re pulled over for DUI. These include the “walk the line” test, the officer will look for “wiggle” in your eyes, and you’ll be asked to stand on one foot. If you fail any of these - even if you...

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Is There Recourse for Emotional Distress?

Assessing physical damage after an accident is relatively simple. Wounds, after all, are visible. However, not all wounds can be seen during a physical checkup. What if you have been emotionally wounded? Is there any legal recourse? The good news is, yes, there are...

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Start the New Year the Right Way

  The beginning of a New Year is a good time to take stock. Do you have a Will? Do you really need a Will? Yes, you do, and a Living Will is a good place to start. A Living Will is a legal document in which a person specifies what actions should be taken for...

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‘Tis the Season: Don’t Get Scammed

  ‘Tis the season to shop and celebrate and enjoy family. But, ‘tis also the season when scammers are out in force doing their best to steal your identity, your credit cards and your cash!  Here are some things to keep top of mind as you navigate this busy...

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Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

  If you have had a bad experience while in the hospital or if you have been misdiagnosed or received subpar treatment - you may have a Medical Malpractice case. Medical Malpractice claims are tough. This is why you will need an experienced attorney on your side....

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Are You Entitled to Social Security Benefits?

  Whether your injuries are physical or mental, you may qualify for Social Security Unemployment Benefits. Whether you’ve been injured in a car wreck, or you’re suffering from an ailment that constitutes long-term disability, you will have to know how to deal...

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