A worried Florida mother prompted a late night search for a 17-year-old girl. The teenager’s friends become aware of a devastating truck accident on Interstate 75. After making some calls, it was discovered that their friend was driving one of the vehicles involved. Both she and another driver lost their lives in the accident.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that at approximately 11:30 p.m., an 18-wheeler carrying concrete barrier walls pulled out onto the interstate, and a vehicle already on the roadway was unable to avoid the truck. That car’s roof was sheared off as it slid under the truck. The impact killed the driver instantly. A woman who was also in the car somehow survived and was in serious condition at a local hospital at last report.

After the initial impact, the teen’s vehicle hit the back of the semi-truck. The concrete barrier walls on the back of the truck dislodged and landed on her car. She, too, died instantly. Another tractor trailer ran into one of the concrete barriers that had fallen onto the road and then hit the truck that was carrying them. Neither truck driver suffered any injuries.

The families of the two deceased victims and the surviving passenger retain the right to file civil actions against the driver of the truck and his employer. A determination from the court that the truck driver was negligent, based upon the presentation of appropriate evidence, could result in damages often awarded in similar truck accident cases. Nothing can undo what happened, but any monetary restitution received could help with the financial burdens that accompany these types of tragedies.

Source: wsvn.com, “2 dead in crash on I-75 in Pembroke Pines“, May 29, 2015

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