School Bus - Safety
It is that time of year again. Summer winds down and the kids head back to school. The rhythm of life changes requiring us all to pay closer attention as we go about our daily lives.
In Huntsville, Alabama, as in other cities, police will be strictly enforcing traffic laws in and around its 85 school zones as part of their “Zero Tolerance” campaign.
Police and other safety advocates say you should allow for extra time during drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon. Motorists should expect traffic delays and some congestion in and around school zones, where the speed limit is 25 mph.
Public safety aides will also be monitoring traffic and safety issues in school zones. Crossing guards will again be present, so be very aware of this when you enter a school zone. Failing to obey a crossing guard may also result in a citation from police.
Police also urge you to consider every child walking as a caution sign. Be aware of walkers and also remember that children are very active and may jump in front of your car before you realize what has happened. When you see children waiting to cross, try to make eye contact with them so that you know they are paying attention.
When you are making a turn, pedestrians and bicyclists always have the right of way.
Parents should teach their children how to properly use cross walks and to obey the crossing guard.

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