We here at Reeves & Mestayer are pleased to share the recent news about the Mississippi man awarded a $3.5 million settlement for reporting the illegal activities of several hospitals routinely performing unnecessary services in order to receive higher Medicare reimbursements.

This type of litigation is extremely vital in our society and we applaud all those who courageously stand up against corruption as whistleblower. Yes the federal False Claims Act protects employees who file whistleblower claims from harassment or retaliation in the workplace, but being a whistleblower takes courage. This is why our law firm works so hard to protect the rights and identity of those who file whistleblower cases.

The most common types of cases filed are due to business fraud, education fraud, government fraud, and military contractor fraud. Many types of professionals have been found committing fraud against the government including defense contractors, research scientists, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

If you have inside knowledge of fraud against the government, take a stand and file a claim as a whistleblower. Call Reeves & Mestayer today to schedule a confidential appointment or fill out our online inquiry form. We’ll customize an approach to meet your specific needs, protecting your rights as a whistleblower.

Earlier this year, a caller into our LawCall show on WLOX asked us about his rights as a whistleblower, see the clip from the show at https://youtu.be/zyG7JM_SYK4

To learn more about whistleblower protection programs, visit http://www.whistleblowers.gov/

To read about the recently awarded $3.5 million settlement, visit http://msbusiness.com/2015/05/mississippi-hospital-whistleblower-gets-3-5m-in-settlement/

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