The majority of medical professionals here in Florida diligently perform their duties every day in order to safeguard the lives of their patients. However, mistakes can — and do — still happen that cause serious or fatal injuries to the lives they are supposed to protect. Those mistakes take many forms and might constitute medical malpractice.

One of the most challenging tasks performed by doctors is diagnosing a patient’s condition. Without the proper diagnosis, the patient’s health may continue to deteriorate, which could easily result in permanent damage or death. Most doctors will do what is necessary to determine what condition a patient is suffering from, but errors are made far too often. For example, failing to diagnose cancer in a timely manner could be a death sentence for the patient.

Even if the correct diagnosis is made, that does not guarantee a successful outcome for the patient. Every surgical procedure has its risks, and one of those risks might come from the surgical team attending to the individual before, during or after the procedure. Nearly every Florida resident has heard horror stories about surgeons leaving objects behind in patients. Unfortunately, too many of those stories are true. This type of mistake, among others, can cause harm to patients.

These are just two examples of potential medical malpractice claims filed by people every day across the country and here in Florida. If you believe a medical mistake caused you serious and/or permanent injury — or if you lost a loved one to malpractice — it would be beneficial to contact an attorney right away to protect your rights. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can be held accountable for their mistakes, and you deserve restitution for your financial losses.

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