So, you’ve locked yourself out of your car and need the services of a locksmith. Like most people, you’ll grab your smart phone and google to find someone to help you out. But be aware of a scam, which is apparently becoming more prevalent.

The company you call appears to be local, even uses a local phone number. In reality, that number goes to a call center somewhere else and they quote you a great price. But, the guy who shows up, usually in an unmarked car, demands a much higher price than the one you were quoted on the phone. They also demand to be paid in cash.

If this happens to you, and you decide to pay up in order to get into your car, make sure you at least get some identification, such as a business card, or even the license plate number. If the locksmith cannot provide you with contact info, call and report the incident and the company to the Better Business Bureau.

Source: Consumer Reports

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