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Here is a tip about what happens when you sign a release with an insurance company.
If you get a document from an insurance company, or a release, and it says the word release on it – unless you are legally incompetent or a minor – you’re going to be bound by the terms of the release.

This means, if the insurance company is giving you $1,000, and you accept it and sign the release, that’s the end of it. Should your injury later become worse or you need surgery or have further problems, you’re barred by that release from further recourse.

So it is always important to make sure that you’re happy when you’re settling a claim or legal problem. And contrary to what you may think, you do not have three days to change your mind. So beware and don’t sign a release unless you are satisfied with the legal outcome.

Talk to a lawyer before you sign any release.

What happens when you have been injured on the job and your doctor says you need a certain procedure, but workers’ comp won’t approve it?

What the law says is that if you are injured on the job, you are entitled to three benefits.
You are entitled to temporary total disability, two-thirds of your out-of-work pay on doctor’s orders with a cap of $800. You are also entitled to medical benefits both now and in the future.

If your employer’s doctor says you need a certain procedure, they can’t then come back and say you can’t have that procedure. There are ways that you can go to court and force their hand. Remember, they don’t like spending their money.

And if the doctor doesn’t approve a surgery, and you don’t like the doctor, you are entitled to up to four opinions in the category of doctors who are treating you.

It usually pays to have a lawyer on your side. Most law firms offer free consultations and can answer any questions you may have.

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