Singing River Health System employees and retirees are actively seeking legal options to fight and stop changes to the retirement program. Our office started receiving calls from deeply concerned Health System employees last week and the calls just keep coming.

Most feel completely betrayed or marginalized by Health System management. They have invested for years into a legitimate retirement plan only to learn the Health System is now backing out to pay other debt.

I’m in the process of reviewing retirement records of SRHS employees who are scared about their financial future. It’s very early in the process, but from what I’ve seen so far, these employees have every right to be concerned and upset.

Here are several tips for SRHS employees and retirees who are considering legal options:
• Review, know and make copies of all your personal retirement documents
• Take detailed notes during all employee updates from management
• Keep all correspondence from management
• Seek local attorneys with “Class Action” experience

Unfortunately, this seems to already have many hallmarks of a ‘Class Action’ lawsuit. Meaning Health System employees will need an attorney.

Remember, there is no fee for an initial consultation at reputable law firms. Also, experienced attorneys will work on a contingency fee basis, which means the lawyer gets paid only if there is a monetary recovery of funds.

Based on previous Class Action experience, I expect management will begin publically blaming employees for expecting the benefits they’ve paid for and been promised.

Jim Reeves is a practicing local attorney with an office in east Biloxi and co-host of a popular local TV show called LawCall on Saturday nights.

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