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Back in the 1990s, the Texas cheerleading scandal made the news and there was even a Lifetime movie made about a mother who tried to have another mom killed because her daughter didn’t make the squad.

Wanda Holloway attempted to hire a hitman to kill the mother of her daughter’s junior high school cheerleading rival. The plot failed when the man she asked to perform the hit turned her in to authorities.

This story is not quite as bad, but it illustrates how competitive winning a spot on the squad can be. In Leon County, Florida, a high school senior is threatening to sue the school district if she isn’t put on the team.

Isn’t that what tryouts are all about? According to the Leon High School head cheerleading coach, Caylen Berry, that’s exactly the point. The school has open tryouts and the girls perform cheers and stunts in front of a panel of cheerleading coaches.

This particular student, who is not being named because of her age, tried out last year and did not make the squad. When she tried out again this year to cheer for her senior year, she fell on two stunts, according to Coach Berry. For the second time, she was not chosen for the team.

I suppose all is fair in love and cheerleading, and the young lady has a right to take legal action, but wouldn’t her time be better spent preparing for college?

Apparently, cheerleading tryouts have been overruled in the past by the school system. But this time, several coaches and cheerleaders say they will likely quit if the selection process is bypassed.

Berry has coached for eight years and says, “They should not put an athlete on the team who does not deserve to be on the team. A decision like this…questions the entire legitimacy of tryouts and cheerleading as a sport.”

If this were your daughter, what would you encourage her to do?

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